Welcome to the relaunch of your website. If you have been here before you will see that the lessons have completely changed. Instead of studying lessons about the Bible, the participants study the Bible directly. This method is called “Discovery Bible Study” and has a huge potential for multiplication. It is so simple that everyone can learn it in a short time and apply it in every setting where people come together to study the Bible. I want to encourage you to try this approach. However, if you want to use the former lessons, you can download them here.  

The specific aim of this discipleship course is to help Seventh-day Adventists to fully embrace discipleship the way Jesus taught and modelled it. If you have another denominational background, you are definitely welcome to join us on this journey. The issues are the same in every denomination: We have many members who don´t live as disciples of Jesus in their everyday lives. Being an Adventist pastor myself, I can best address the Seventh-day Adventist Church. But you can take and adapt whatever you find helpful. 

It´s my prayer that God will use this approach to help you grow and multiply in your discipleship!

Michael Dörnbrack

Josiah Mission School